Everything You Need to Know About Ordering a Custom Wedding Dress Online

Once upon a time, brides-to-be went from bridal boutique to bridal boutique in search of "the one." They didn't have the option to surf the waves of the web from the comfort of their couches, a glass of wine in hand. And although visiting boutiques and trying on dresses can be a fun experience, it can also cost loads of time and money.

Luckily, we live in an age that brings the boutiques to us, no matter where in the world we are. 

Since you're reading this, I'm going to assume you're thinking about purchasing a wedding dress online. But not just any dress - a custom dress. One that's made especially for you. 

Not sure where to start? You're here, so you've already taken the first step! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about ordering a custom wedding dress online.


Everything You Need to Know About Ordering a Custom Wedding Dress Online

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Allot Enough Time

Waiting until the last minute to do any wedding related task is a risk, but even more so when it comes to finding and purchasing a dress. Sure, shopping online is more convenient and shaves off some of the time, but you still need to find what you're looking for, contact the designer, consider alterations, and actually have the dress made. 

Save yourself some stress by allowing plenty of time for the process, ideally a year before you walk the aisle.

Know What You're Looking For

Having a general idea of the style you're looking for can help guide you in your creation of a custom wedding gown. What kind of silhouettes do you like? Sleeves or strapless? Do you prefer a traditional white dress or want something more colorful? 

Head to your closet and find the pieces of clothing you love the most. What fits you well and flatters your best assets? If you've been saving dress styles to Pinterest, look through the pins and see what stands out. Patterns will emerge, like your love for lace and blushing pink or that you favor tea length styles and sleeves. 

Get Your Measurements

Getting accurate measurements will ensure that your dress fits properly and flatters your figure. 

To get the whole scoop, read our informative article on how to get accurate measurements for your wedding dress.

Communicate With The Designer

Communication is key! Since you won't be stopping into the shop to consult with your designer/seamstress, it's important that you keep the communication channels open, whether that means talking on the phone, Skyping, emailing, etc. 

Let your designer know your measurements, the type of dress you want to customize/personalize/create, and any other details required. Let her know your thoughts, ask questions, and be open and flexible to her ideas and suggestions.

Next Steps

Take a look through our large collection of custom wedding gowns and find your dream dress or get ideas for your own design. From there, our wedding dress order FAQ will answer all of your questions on how to customize and order your wedding gown.

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