5 Reasons to Have a Custom Made Wedding Dress

It's no surprise that the words "custom made" come with a certain connotation - one of quality and uniqueness. So it's also no surprise that having a wedding dress custom made is a decision that can be both fun and special.

What makes designing your own dress a special experience? And what are some other reasons why you should work with a designer to create the dress of your dreams?

Here we have a little guide with some of the reasons why you should leave the other wedding dresses on the boutique rack and have your gown custom made.

1. Uniquely You 

Your dress should be as unique as you! And what better way to express yourself than through the dress you'll wear on one of the most special days of your life? Your wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so why shouldn't it be as individual as your personality? Creating a custom gown will guarantee that no other bride walks down the aisle in the same dress as you.

2. Creative Control

You may go to ten bridal boutiques and still not come across the wedding dress that you see in your head. You know, "the one." When you have your dress custom made, you get to take control of the design and style. You'll get to work with a professional designer who will take all of that inspiration you have in your head and on your Pinterest boards and manifest your dream dress. No more saying, "If only this part of that dress was paired with that part of this dress." You can totally make it happen when you have your gown custom made.

3. True to You 

By that I mean, a custom made wedding dress is designed to fit your body. There are no worries about not fitting into your dream dress because that dream dress will be styled to your shape, guaranteeing comfort and a fit that is true to you.

4. A Different Experience 

Shopping for a wedding dress is one of the most fun experiences in a bride's lifetime, but how much more fun is it to actually be a part of the dress's creation? Instead of walking the bridal boutique aisles and trying on tons of gowns, have a different wedding planning experience by being a part of the design process. From fabrics and fit to silhouettes and sleeves, you get to revel in a process not many brides even think to be a part of.

5. Support Small 

There are big box bridal boutiques that are happy to take your money and push you out the revolving door, but when you design your own wedding dress with a company like ieie Bridal, you are supporting a unique and small business that treats you like the precious bride-to-be you are. You actually get to work one-on-one with a person who will create a dress especially for you, and you'll know exactly who made it! How much more special does it get?

Now that you know the reasons to have a wedding gown custom made, get more details on the process by reading this blog post: The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Dream Wedding Dress.

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