Tips for Ordering a Custom Wedding Dress Online in 2016


Odds are that your perfect wedding dress isn’t something you’ve seen in a magazine or shop window. In fact, your dream dress is more likely a collage of three or four dresses you’ve had your eyes on since you were a little girl. Like, you love the cut of one gown but could it be a little less…poofy? And your mother has always hinted at you wearing her wedding dress, but it’s so dated. Besides, you’ve practically spent every dull moment organizing a “dream dress” board on Pinterest. How can you get the perfect wedding dress when it doesn’t really exist?

Easy. Go with ordering a custom dress online. You should see the amazing work Ieie's Bridal Boutique has done just from a picture sent online and a paragraph or two of suggestions. If you’re considering ordering one yourself, here are a few tips to remember before buying.


Before Ordering Your Dream Wedding Gown in 2016, Take Accurate Measurements

This is the most important tip: fit is everything. There’s no argument that it’s not the size of your dress that matters but the way that your dress fits your body. Although it might seem scary, you can get the perfect fitting dress when you’re ordering online, but you’ve got to have accurate measurements.

Start by purchasing your wedding lingerie and the shoes that you plan to wear with your dress. Next head to a local seamstress and have her measure and size you professionally. Usually, this doesn’t cost much and is really quick and painless. If you’re dead set on measuring yourself, get a friend to help. Make sure that you follow a set of sizing directions like those found here as closely as possible. Try to measure yourself a few different times and compare with a friend. You want these measurements as solid as possible for your online order.


Tell Your Dress Designer Exactly What You Expect

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to be super specific with your custom orders. Tell your designer everything, from the way you imagine your dress feeling to the way you imagine it sparkling under the lights. You might not realize how big of a deal every little detail is to a professional, but lining up your exact expectations helps your wedding dress designer make sure your gown really is the perfect dress.


Custom is Possible, No Matter Your Budget

Before you write off a custom dress as an option because of your budget, think again. Don’t go for a dress that’s “just okay” because you were afraid of looking into building your custom wedding gown. Trustworthy custom dress makers are magic workers, and it’s their pleasure to make something wonderful, and as gorgeous as you’ve imagined, work with your budget.


When it comes to ordering custom, be patient, trust the process, and keep your wedding dress designer informed. Remember fit is everything, so don’t cut corners when it comes time to get measured. With a little effort and a lot of imagination, you can create the beautiful wedding gown you’ve been picturing forever.

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