Melinda’s Dress: A Fairytale Gown from the Ground Up

Picture perfect and positively elegant, Melinda cuts a stunning figure. For her wedding, she dreamt of a fairytale bridal gown so crisp and feminine that it might have been cut from the pages of a Victorian Paper Doll Booklet. Melinda was eager for a dress with a precise fit; one that didn’t create a faux plumpness to her petite upper body but rather drew attention to her graceful curves. Here’s how Ieie’s Bridal Boutique created her sophisticated yet whimsical wedding dress.


Above are the photos that Melinda provided us with to create her ideal gown. She left a few notes about possible changes, but these were excellent pictures that provided us with a great place to begin. She requested that her customized wedding dress be created with an opaque fabric rather than the sheers shown above in order to avoid wearing a slip. She also requested the use of a fabric that was stiff enough to provide body without petticoats.


Melinda asked for a dress with a few pleats and a 'medium-sized bow' at the small of her back. She was helpful in providing us with a photograph of a bow that she liked from our site. This helped really understand what 'medium-sized' meant to her.

 Melinda's Fairy Tale Wedding Melinda's Fairy Tale Wedding

The end result of Melinda’s custom ordered wedding gown was nothing less than spectacular. The ambiguous sheers of her capped sleeves creates a soft contrast to the starched prim collar and buttoned placket top.


Although this dress is a two piece set, the deliberately placed ruched silk at her waist calls attention to the diverging volumes employed. The reserved nature of Melinda’s bodice simply amplifies the playful bounce to her pearly white skirts.


The final touch of grace to this wedding gown? Arching lace hems. Rather than add modest lace to a dress that was already somewhat simplistic in form, the vaguely roughed edge to this dress created an additional layer of sophistication. Once complete, this custom wedding dress was a magical and gorgeous delight-just like the bride.


Melinda’s Review:

 'I Just wanted to say thank you SO much for your beautiful work on my dress. It was absolutely perfect, everyone admired the dress! I have passed on your business card on to a few of my friends who are getting married next year! I am still SO in love with my wedding dress- it's preserved away in a glass and wooden box on display in my house!'

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