Your Unforgettable Vow Renewal Needs an Unforgettable Bridal Gown

Maldives Destination Vow Renewal Dress

Couples renew their vows when their first wedding was minimal, when they’ve got family coming into town, or when making another joyful, ceaseless promise to their spouse just makes sense. At Ieie’s Dress Boutique, we work on amazing dresses for weddings of all kinds, from those events planned days after the proposal to these very special renewals. This May, we had the exceptionally touching opportunity to create a destination wedding renewal gown for the beautiful Moe.

Beach Wedding Dress 

Moe’s Dream Destination Wedding in the Maldives

There’s obviously some very good reasons that Moe married her husband Ji Lin. Turning her childhood dream of being wed on the unearthly white sand beaches of the Maldives into reality, Ji sponsored a vacation of a lifetime for Moe’s birthday.

Maldives Beach

A chain of atolls in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are all enchanting lagoons and mind-blowing beaches floating southwest of Sri Lanka. When looking at Moe’s beautiful pictures from her renewal, it’s apparent that the Maldives are a perfect location to hold such a meaningful ceremony. The ocean, calm and cerulean, seamlessly touches the perfect beaches underneath the couple’s feet. Moe’s customized renewal gown was an elegant final touch to this romantic scene.

 Beach Vow Renewal Dress

Getting Inspired and Designing Your Very Own Wedding Gown

Often, a wedding gown’s inspiration comes from several sources, not an already existing perfect standalone dress. Every bride is unique, and her dress should reflect that. Moe contacted us on Etsy. She was first inspired by our Katie Gown and had all sorts of ideas on changes to be made, providing us with images that better epitomized the character she imagined in her vow renewal dress.


New brides and wives planning to renew their vows are using tumblr, Pinterest, and forum posting boards on sites like WeddingBee and TheKnot. to piece together their favorite ideas and elements of design, just like Moe did herself.


Working with Moe, we went back and forth, changing several elements to the original wedding gown design and eventually coming up with this final product. As you can see, it looks amazing on her and pairs perfectly with Ji Lin’s white cotton button up and soft khakis. We made Moe’s dream renewal gown a reality. We can’t wait to start creating your dream dress.  If you have a vision of your dream dress, let us help you by dropping us an email at or use our contact form here.

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